Kylie Lip Kit Dupes?

Hey! So, after uni the other day I somehow found myself in Superdrug looking at the Makeup Revolution counter. I love their products so I thought I’d see what they had to offer. I soon caught my eye on the ‘Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit’ which retails at £6. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of the Kylie Lip Kits (not so much the shipping fee) so I was interested to see how these compared.


This was the only one left in my Superdrug which made me think that they must be good if they’re so popular! I loved the look of the shade on the packaging so I thought I’d get it to test them out. IMG_4126.jpg

I got the shade Grandee, which looks on the packaging to be a gorgeous muted dark pinky/nude shade, perfect for the time of year.


BOY WAS I WRONG. There were no testers at the store for me to try it but I took my chances anyway with the shade. The colour on the packaging is so off to the real thing, in my opinion anyway. I took a picture with flash and without flash so you could see the true shade. Instead of being the gorgeous muted pink I had in my head from the packaging, it turns out to be a bright pink that does not suit me at all and is definitely NOT something I would go for.


The top colour is the Makeup Revolution Lipkit and the bottom colour is my Koko K that I received for christmas with some lip balm on the top. I mean, I don’t hate the Makeup Revolution shade, but I wish it was like the one portrayed on the packaging.


(Top swatch is Koko K and bottom swatch is Grandee)

It’s not all bad though! I wore it out for the day and it didn’t move off of my lips. The longevity of this lip kit did really amaze me. I did have to top it up half way through the day but only the centre of my lips where I had been eating/drinking.

I definitely want to try the other shades because of how good this one did last. I’m just disappointed with this colour! I’d definitely recommend swatching the colours if there are any testers before buying. The colours may not be exact dupes for the Kylie Lipkits, but the concept and the packaging is virtually the same. If you’re on a budget (or simply hate the insane shipping fees from Kylie) then I definitely would recommend these from my experience of wearing this one.

I know these are available in certain Superdrugs, but not all. I’m waiting for them to be released online too!

Also- I am so sorry for the quality of the photos. I am hoping to get a better camera soon. If you have any suggestions that would help me improve my blog please leave them below, I want to learn to do things properly haha!

Thank you so much for reading!

Rach x


19 thoughts on “Kylie Lip Kit Dupes?

      1. I’ve just don’t a post with Glory and Noble (not self promo, I promise haha), I have a picture of each. Ones more of a orange nude, a little darker than what the photo shows and the other is a brown xxx


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