Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Review & Swatches!

Hey! I am so late on the band wagon for this but I finally got my hands on the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I’ve been wanting a Too Faced palette for ages as I’ve never tried any of their other products due to the shipping fees. So, as you can imagine, when I found a Debenhams that stocked them I was sure to pick up something. There’s a whole Sweet Peach range that has newly been released and I eventually want to try some more things. The eyeshadow palette retails at £39 and has 18 shadows, making it roughly £2.17 per eyeshadow, which isn’t a bad price at all.


The packaging is literally stunning. It feels so sturdy and has a magnetic fastening. The gradient effect on the palette itself really gives it a high-end touch. It’s also a good representation of the colour scheme. The palette even comes with a little guide that gives you ideas on how to create some looks. Perfect if you’re stuck or unsure.

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The top picture is without flash and the bottom with flash. I cannot get over the pink tones in this palette. I’ve been really drawn to pinky-toned makeup recently (as you may be able to tell from my previous post) and so this palette was an obvious choice for me. It really is a universal shade range, with the neutral browns and warm tones to the purples and green shadows.


Starting with the top row-

White Peach: A basic white, perfect for highlighting or setting your primer.

Luscious: A gorgeous nude/brown shimmer shadow, a definite favourite.

Just Peachy: One of the first pinks of the palette, it looks stunning in the pan but I was disappointed in the swatch, not quite a shimmer shadow and not quite a matte. Has a bit of sheen to it.

Bless Her Heart: The only green shadow of the palette, differs from the colour scheme but is SO stunning on the eyes.

Tempting: A shimmery black shadow, perfect for smoking an eye look out.

Charmed, I’m Sure: A matte brown, a necessity for my collections. Again, slightly disappointed in the swatch but blends so beautifully on the eyes.


The second row-

Nectar: A gorgeous shimmery golden/yellow toned shadow. Works as more of a highlighting shadow for me as I’m quite pale, would look stunning on a darker skin tone.

Cobbler: Another shimmery brown shadow. This shadow is again, one of my favourites. Blends like an absolute dream.

Candied Peach: A matte peachy shadow with what looks like gold shimmers in. This is gorgeous in the pan and makes a beautiful lid shadow too.

Bellini: A rose-toned shimmery shadow. I LOVE THIS.

Peach Pit: A shimmery dark brown shadow, again, so beautiful to blend. Perfect for intensifying an eye look.

Delectable: The only purple of the palette. This matte shadow is so stunning and makes perfect winter eye looks, especially if used in the outer third.


The third row-

Peaches ‘N Cream: Another matte nude shadow, perfect for setting eye primers. In my opinion, this shade isn’t really a necessity in the palette when there is already White Peach.

Georgia: A matte pink shadow. As you can see from the swatch, it almost matches my skin tone so I can’t really use this shadow for anything other than as a setting shadow.

Caramelized: Another dark shimmery brown shadow. This looks so beautiful on the eyes, especially if you have blue/green eyes.

Puree: A matte brown, a perfect transition shadow.

Summer Yum: A matte orangey-brown shadow. Personally, I use this shadow to intensify the crease and it works beautifully.

Talk Derby To Me: A matte black shadow with a pink shimmer running throughout. I love this shadow and it’s like nothing I have in my collection.

Overall, the shimmer shadows are more pigmented than the matte shadows, from what I have personally found anyway. The shadows themselves,however, blend so effortlessly and so many looks can be created with this palette. This is quickly going to become a favourite.

What are your thoughts on the palette?

Thank you so much for reading!

Rach x

PS- If anyone would like to see a dupe post or a real vs fake with this palette then just let me know! I love reading these sort of posts and I love finding out things for myself so I’d be more than happy to do so 🙂


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