Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette | Dupe?

Hey! After doing my Sweet Peach Palette Review, I wanted to try and find any shadows or palettes that could dupe it as close as I could find. After a bit of research and many swatches, I think I found one! 


The I Heart Makeup (a sister brand to Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup) Chocolate and Peaches palette could basically have been made for the Sweet Peach palette. The resemblance of shades within both palettes are uncanny. Even the light peachy/pink packaging could even be a hint of the similarities.

These are the two palettes next to each other, the first photo is with flash and the second photo is without flash. As you can (hopefully) see, the shadows of both palettes are remarkably similar. The only real difference between the palettes are that the shadows aren’t placed in the exact same place but most of the colours can be duped. 

Now for the important part, the swatches!


This is the first row of swatches based on the first Sweet Peach Palette row. The top line of swatches is from the I Heart Makeup palette and the second line of swatches is from the Sweet Peach palette. The shadows match up incredibly well in comparison to the Sweet Peach. The I Heart Makeup palettes are super pigmented anyway so it was no surprise to me that the swatches turned out as well as they did. There is a slight difference however been quality. Yes, the I Heart Makeup palette is pigmented but the Too Faced palette shadows are smoother in comparison. The I Heart Makeup palette is ever so slightly chalky but its expected for a drugstore palette. 


There are less swatches for the second row of the palette as this row doesn’t match up exactly like the others. Again, the top row is the I Heart Makeup palette and the bottom row is the Two Faced. I was still super impressed by how well the shades matched up between both palettes. I have to give credit to the pink shadow which is Candied PeachIn the original Too Faced palette, this gorgeous shadow has pink speckles running throughout it and I didn’t expect the drugstore comparison to do the same, but it does! I was so shocked!


These are the last load of swatches. As you can see, Peaches ‘N Cream and Georgia don’t show up that well on my skin so these shadows are used mainly as setting shadows for me anyway! But yet again, the shadows are almost an exact match. As with the others, the Sweet Peach palette is smoother in texture but it’s what I would expect from the price point. 

Overall, I am so impressed with the quality of the I Heart Makeup Chocolate and Peaches palette, for £7.99, it is a pretty amazing dupe and a difference in price of £31.01! I still love my Too Faced Sweet Peaches palette but if you’re on a budget or want to test an affordable option before buying the high end version then the Chocolate and Peaches palette is a definite choice. 

I’m thinking of doing an eyeshadow look but using the two palettes on either eye so you can truly see how they compare when being worn. From my experience so far with I Heart Makeup palettes, they blend like a dream, especially when used with a primer. 

What do you think of the comparison? 

Thank you so much for reading!

Rach x


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