January Favourites

Hey! Is it just me, or does it feel like January went on FOREVER?! I love reading monthly favourite posts as to me, it shows a true representation of a person’s love for a product. I mean, they must at least like it to use it all month! Some of the products/things I’m going to talk about I’ve been loving since December/Christmas but I’ve still included them as I’m still using them.

Beauty favourites:


My own personalised palette has to be included. The magnetic palette itself is from Freedom Makeup and is only Β£5! This is the palette I tend to reach for on a daily basis, usually when I’m at uni. I have a variety of brands in here from Mac, Makeup Geek to Freedom Makeup itself. If anyone would like to see an in-depth blog about these shadows then just let me know!


For Christmas, I was very lucky to be gifted the Maliboo Lip Kit from Kylie Cosmetics. I have literally been wearing this non-stop every since. It is such a beautiful nude and goes with every single makeup look I have worn this month. If you’re interested to see what it looks like on, check out one of makeup looks, I’m 99.9% going to be wearing it (it’s turning into an obsession). I’m interested in getting more of the Lip Kits because they wear so long even when eating/drinking, I’m just trying to ready myself for the BOMB of shipping fees!


I wasn’t quite sure where to include this as it’s a hair product but here it is haha. The Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil for all hair types. I decided to try this out at the end of December as my hair was feeling so rough and thin from the amount of heat I had been using over the holidays. It claims on the bottle to give luxurious shine, to feel intensely nourished, silky soft and sumptuously smooth. I LOVE IT. I can definitely tell a difference in my hair if I don’t use it compared to when I do. I just pop this on after I’ve washed my hair, before drying it and my hair has never looked better. It does exactly what it claims to do (for me anyway!).


Since I was starting back at Uni in January, I wanted a new every day foundation and the Rimmel Match Perfection was on offer at the time so I thought I would give it a go. As you can see, I’ve almost used it up. I use this foundation every single day (unless I’m going out on the night, then I usually use something else) as it’s such a perfect match for my skin tone and doesn’t look cake-y if I add too much. The shade I have is 010 light porcelain. I’d say its a medium to full coverage foundation but is definitely buildable.

The Maybelline Erase Eye concealer is also in my favourites but not as a concealer. I bought it intending to be used as a concealer but the lightest shade is way too dark for me! It does have a good amount of coverage, especially at 7 in the morning when you need to cover your dark circles (trust me), but I can’t use it without looking daft. So, because I didn’t want to waste it, I decided to start using it as primer for my eyeshadow and it works SO much better for me like that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Urban Decay Primer Potion, but if I don’t have that to hand then this does the job perfectly. It evens out my skin and hides all the veins to create a flawless base to begin blending.


Again, something I wasn’t sure where to place. This is the Be Decadent Eau De Parfum by Next. I love this so much. My favourite perfume in the entire world is Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream (and Sorbet) and this smells so similar to it. I found myself flying through my Marc Jacobs and because I didn’t want to keep spending a small fortune every time I needed some new perfume, I went on a hunt for a cheaper alternative. Now, I use my Next one as an every day perfume and my Marc Jacobs when I go out. Win win situation really!

Non-beauty favourites:Β 

My first has to be my new diary. I never had a diary in 2016 and just wrote everything on my calendar but I was constantly running out of room, so this year I knew I needed something else. Ever since buying it, I’ve felt so much more organised, especially since starting my blog! Not sure why I never got one before.

My next favourite is kind of random. My boyfriend and I finished Pretty Little Liars (yes, even he liked it) and felt so lost since the next season isn’t out until April, so we had to find something else. Just at the start of January we were flicking through Netflix trying to find something to watch, and we found Witches of East End. I am now fully obsessed with it and I recommend it to everyone. If you like series like PLL or Orphan Black then you will definitely like this! We are, however, nearing the end of this too since there aren’t as many series as the others. If anyone has any other recommendations of series we can watch, please let me know!

My last favourite of the month has to be my MacBook Air. I used to never really see a point in spending on a MacBook when there were plenty other varieties of laptops to choose from that were a lot cheaper (especially when you’re a student). However, back in September, Apple were doing a student discount offer with Unidays. This offer made the MacBook almost the same price as another laptop I was going to get (for University) so I was tempted. Apple won me over however by including a free pair of Beats Headphones. Ever since I’ve had my laptop, I only ever used it for Uni and that was it really, but ever since starting my blog I’ve began to appreciate it a lot more. I’m now using it pretty much every day and I wouldn’t be able to do my blog without it!

That’s it for this month. I can’t wait to see what February brings (hopefully better weather).

Thank you so much for reading!

Rach x


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