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Rose Gold Inspired Smoky Eye | Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette

Hey! So, the other day I was on my way home from Uni when Beauty Bay sent an email regarding a Violet Voss restock. I almost screamed of excitement. I have wanted the Holy Grail palette ever since I found out it even existed. The palette is full of gorgeous matte and shimmer shades so I obviously had to use it as soon as I received it.


(Ignore my hair, I had just come out the shower and it was still wet). I wanted to keep this look quite neutral for today as I’m going to play with the reds and burgundy tones on another look! I recently received Kylie’s Rose Gold eyeshadow which I have waited the longest time for so this look was inspired by the both of those.


I started by priming my eyelids using concealer and setting it using Thanks A Latte from the Holy Grail palette. I then picked up a fluffy blending brush and went in with Transition (appropriately named) as an initial transition shadow. Keeping with the same brush, I went in with Brownie Points directly over Transition. I had a clean brush on hand at all time to constantly keep blending over any new shadows I was applying for a seamless effect.

I wanted to deepen the look now so to do this I went in with Teddy Bear on a tapered blending brush. I only applied this to the outer third of my eyelid.

Now I was thinking about my lid colour. Using the Kylie Rose Gold eyeshadow on a flat brush, I applied this directly onto my lid. To brighten the lid up a little bit more, I used my finger to apply Ploof on top of Rose Gold.

After applying the lid colour, I felt like I had lost the intensity of Teddy Bear so I went back in with that tapered brush to add a bit more product. As a final step to the eyeshadow, I went back in with my clean brush to blend everything together one last time. To smoke the look out further, I applied Teddy Bear using an angled liner brush to my lower lash line and blended it out using Transition.

I wanted the eyes to appear slightly more dramatic so I decided to add a wing liner. I then finished everything off by adding mascara and highlighting my brow bone and inner corner using Crystal.

For a night look, I would definitely add some of the red tones or focus on Teddy Bear further. A look like this definitely compliments my blue eyes and would do the same for green eyes.


Overall, I am so glad I managed to finally get my hands on this palette and I am super excited to get to play with it further.

I will be doing a full review and swatch post on the Holy Grail palette so you will be able to see just how beautiful it really is.

Thank you so much for reading!



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