Foundation Collection | February 2017

Hey! So, I was looking through my blog the other day and I realised I focus a lot on eyeshadow. It’s the part of makeup that I enjoy the most so it’s what I have most fun playing around with. I do want to change it up a bit though so I thought I would do a post about my little foundation collection. I am the palest of the pale so finding foundations that are light enough for me is quite a hassle!

This is my overall collection. As I said, I find it so hard finding light enough foundations for my skin so I’ve tried a fair few. I also have really, really, REALLY dry skin so I don’t use matte foundations.


These are my drugstore foundations:

Loreal Infallible 24H: Mine is the shade 015 Porcelain. This is one of my favourites. It’s light enough for my skin and actually matches my neck. I’d say it’s more of a medium coverage foundation so great for everyday but is definitely build able. Also had SPF 18.

Rimmel Match Perfection: 010 Light Porcelain. This is my every day foundation and is actually my second one of it. I love this for university because if I put a bit too much on, it blends out so seamlessly so doesn’t look daft. Perfect for 7am starts. Also has SPF 20.

Loreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation: The lightest shade. I think is so not worth the money. I don’t know if it’s just mine but no matter what I try, I cannot build up any coverage with this. Not sure why I still keep it if I’m honest. Also has SPF 28.

Revlon Colourstay: 110 Ivory. I love this for a night out. If I need my foundation to last all night then this is the foundation I go for. A full coverage foundation. Great for dry/normal skin! Also has SPF 20.


These are my higher end foundations:

Kiko 3D Lifting Foundation: Mines the shade Peach Rose 01. I went for this shade because it has a more yellow undertone which is perfect for my skin. It’s a very full coverage foundation. Also has SPF 15. I usually use this if I have a lot of breakouts to try and minimise the effect of the redness.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid: I have the shade NW13 which was recommended to me by the girl who worked there. I don’t mind this foundation, it’s not my favourite but it’s not horrendously bad. My issue with this foundation is that it can look so cakey so easily on me and I’ve tried everything to try and reduce this but nothing works. I only tend to use this foundation when I’m going on a night out. Also has SPF 15.


These are my BB creams/lighter coverage foundations:

Bourjois Paris City Radiance Foundation: Mines the shade 01 Rose Ivory. I love this foundation for summer. It’s a lightweight foundation, perfect for when you need a bit of coverage but not loads. Claims to have Radiance Boosting Pigments (how fancy) and an Anti-Pollution Screen. Also has SPF 30.

Maybelline BB Base: Mines the shade Light. I actually got this from Poundworld as they sometimes do branded makeup products (thank me later) and so for a pound I thought why not. I LOVE IT. It’s so good for summer, the colour is a perfect match and I really can’t complain. I’ve been taking this away with me on holiday for the nights and I love it. Also has SPF 26.

That’s it for my foundations! I often check for the SPF level and the type of foundation as I burn so easily when the sun is out so any extra protection is handy!

I hope this little review is useful, thank you so much for reading!

What’s your favourite foundation?


Also- I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by the ever so lovely Sarah’s Cup of Beauty! Sarah’s blog is one you need to check out. If you don’t follow her already, you need to!


The rules for this are quite similar to another award I’ve just posted so I thought I would include a little insertion on this post. I am SO SO SO grateful for these who have nominated me for these awards, it literally means the entire world to me! Thank you!





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