Makeup Revolution Ultimate Blush Light & Contour Palette | Review & Swatches

Hey! Makeup Revolution are an amazing brand, there’s no denying it. I recently got my hands on the Ultimate Blush & Light & Contour Palette which retails for £10. In the palette there are 8 highlights, 16 blush shades, and 8 contour/bronze shades.


How beautiful does it look though?! Some of the colours have been tested, as you can probably see. For £10, the range of shades in each category is quite good.



I found it quite hard to swatch these on my arm, I just couldn’t get them to show up as well as I wanted them to. There’s a range of shades to choose from in the palette, ranging from a white highlight to gold highlights to pink and purple highlights. There really is something for everyone. Personally, I use the 4 white/gold highlights at the top of the palette the most as I feel they suit my skin tone better.

These highlights would look absolutely stunning on darker skin tone than mine, but I’m quite happy with the ones I can use. When used with a brush, they translate on the face a lot better than what the swatches look like. I personally like these highlights as they’re not chunky or too glittery, they’re just right for an every day look and can be built up in intensity for night looks (or if you just LOVE a blinding highlight!).


The first line of blushes:

This line definitely captures the more pink toned blushes, ranging from bright in-your-face pinks to toned down, every day pinks. My absolute favourite from this row has to be the 3rd blush from the top. It is a gorgeous muted pink that I can wear with most of my makeup looks. Another favourite is the second from the bottom, a more purple/pink muted blush.

In my opinion, Makeup Revolution have mastered their blush formulas. Every single one I’ve tried has been so pigmented and creamy. However, that can also be seen as a down fall. These blushes are SO SO pigmented that sometimes I accidentally put too much on and I have to blend for ages to make it look decent.


The second line of blushes: 

This is my favourite line out of the two. I love pretty much every colour in this row except for the 5th from the top, that’s a bit too out of my comfort zone, and the second from last. It’s a gorgeous shade but it’s a bit too sparkly for my taste in blushes, but it does make a stunning rose coloured eyeshadow. My absolute favourite from this line is the very last one. It’s a lot darker than what I’m used to but that’s why I like it. It’s a lot different to anything else I have and looks stunning when I don’t put too much on!



I’m not quite sure how they can call this palette a ‘contour’ palette too as they’re aren’t really any contour shades in here that I could use. I can just about get away with the very last one but I do have to blend it out quite well. The shades, however, do make for nice bronzers.

Again, these are so pigmented so you have to be very light handed. Something I had to learn the hard way! There’s a mixture of mattes and shimmers in here so again, a bit of something for everyone. They do also make for really nice eyeshadows.


Overall, I do like this palette. It is definitely pigmented and not bad for a £10 price point. However, the actual layout of the palette makes it difficult to just get one of the shades in any line without mixing it with another. I’ve found I have to be careful when I actually want to use one of the shades to not mix in the other colours. The palette itself also isn’t the most practical. It’s quite big so doesn’t really fit anywhere in my makeup.

I’m actually planning on depotting the pans that I use the most into an everyday Z Palette that I’m making. I don’t want to get rid of the palette itself as it is quite good, I just don’t need every shade.

What’s your opinion on the palette?

Thank you so much for reading!



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