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Orange Smoky Eye | Kylie The Bronze Palette

Hey! So, little side note- I reached 100 followers today! I literally can’t believe it. I never thought I would get 10 followers let alone 100! I am so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to follow my blog, or even like/comment on a post. I love writing for my blog and I just can’t believe it, thank you!

It’s my birthday soon, so I’m trying some makeup looks to decide what I want to wear for the night and today’s blog is one of my practise attempts. I’ve created quite a bold smoky eye with an orange lid, very complimentary on blue eyes.


This is the look I came up with. The focus is definitely the pop of orange, but also a glitter inner corner highlight. To create this look, I used Kylie’s The Bronze Palette and a newbie in my collection, the Twilight Eyeshadow palette. The look can definitely be recreated using other alternatives, it is essentially a neutral smoky eye!


To start with, I primed my eyelids by using my Maybelline Anti-age concealer and set it using Jasper from The Bronze Palette. As an initial transition shade, I went in with Tiger Eye using a fluffy zoeva blending brush. I then buffed Topaz directly on top of Tiger Eye using the same brush, just making the crease darker and more dramatic through each shadow.

As a final crease shadow, I went in with Bronzite and blended this into the lower part of my crease and more into my outer third. I also put the slightest bit of this shadow in the inner corner of my eye.

Now for the eyelid. I first went in with Citrine as a base colour applying this all over the eyelid, any orange eyeshadow will do.


Here’s when this newbie comes in action. The shadows don’t have shade names but you can see which one I used. I applied this orange shadow directly onto Citrine, giving that bright orange intensity I was after.

I then ran a mixture of Topaz and Bronzite on my lower lash line to create a smoky effect. I also decided to have a glittery inner corner highlight, using my Collection Glam Crystal in the gold. To finish the whole look off, I applied my wing liner and mascara!


Overall, I love how this look turned out! I don’t think my eyes have ever looked so blue. If I were to wear this one for the night, I would definitely add some lashes.

If anyone would like a review on the Kylie The Bronze Palette, or the Twilight Palette then just let me know! Or, if you have any eyeshadow idea’s I could test out, I would love to know.

Thank you so much for reading, and again, thank you for 100 followers!

PS- I’ve just submitted my assignments for Uni so I’ve got time again to be uploading regularly, woo!




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