Miss Sporty Really Me! Stick Foundation | Review

Hey! So, Miss Sporty isn’t a brand that I’m well acquainted with just because I hardly see/hear about it. I’ve been on the hunt for a good stick foundation as I’ve wanted the Make Up For Ever for the longest time, I just can’t justify the price as I’m not that big of a foundation wearer. I only usually wear foundation if my skin is looking really dull/rough or if I’m off out for the whole day or night.

I was hunting through Superdrug’s website when I came across Miss Sporty Really Me! Second Skin Effect Foundation stick and for £3.99, I couldn’t pass it up.


The packaging isn’t really anything special. To me, it looks and feels quite cheap. Something you can’t complain at for the price though.

The foundation claims:

  • Breathable and blendable texture
  • Flawless & natural looking complexion

And in all honesty, I agree!

miss 1

When I first opened the product, I was taken back by how orange the actual stick looked. I thought there’s no WAY this is going to work for my skin tone. But I was surprised.

miss 3

The swatch of the foundation wasn’t as orange as the product makes it appear. It’s even better when it’s blended out. I’ve found this gives such a flawless base, ready for the rest of your makeup. It’s definitely not a full coverage foundation, but it can be built up. This is perfect for an every day foundation.

The only downside I’ve found to this foundation is the amount of product you get. The product has 7g worth but I don’t feel like this is enough. I’ve used it a few times and I feel like I’m going to run out sooner than later.

I have the shade 002 Really Light, but when I buy it again, I’m definitely going to get 001 as this is a tad too dark for me but they’re never in stock! This is definitely one of those products where you get it as soon as you see it. It’s even completely sold out all shades on the Superdrug website! (This fact is true on the day of posting).

As you may, or may not, know, I have dry skin, especially around my nose. This doesn’t cling to them but smoothly covers my dry patches instead, creating that true flawless base. I can’t say what it will be like on more oily skin.

Overall, this is not a bad foundation at all for the price. I was super impressed the first time I used it and I still am now. I’d definitely consider giving it a go if you’re after a good stick foundation! I’ve recently bought the Revlon one too so I’m going to see how they compare and I will keep you updated.

What are your thoughts on the product? Have you tried it?

Thank you so much for reading!




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