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Matte Brown Smoky Eye | MUA Burning Embers Palette

Hey! So, as you may have seen from my latest haul, I finally got my hands on the new MUA Burning Embers palette and I couldn’t wait to play with it. I created an easy and wearable matte smoky eye.

matte 1matte 4

This is the overall look. It is so easy to create and literally takes no time at all. I don’t do all matte looks often so this is a nice change.

matte 7

As always, I primed my eyelids using my Urban Decay Primer Potion (finally got a new one, yay!) in Original and set using shadow #1.  I then used a fluffy blending brush by Zoeva and buffed #2 straight into the crease. I made sure to blend this well into my crease as I always clean up at the end. Using the same brush, I went directly over the crease shadow with #3. I used this shadow to add a slight more definition to the crease.

For the lid colour, I packed on number #4, using a mixture of my fingertip and a flat brush for the difficult-to-get areas. I continued to pack this on until I was happy with the pigment. I then thought I was done, but when looking in the mirror, I felt that the crease was a bit too pinky and didn’t suit the look I was going for. To rectify this, I used another fluffy blending brush and went in with #5. I buffed this directly into the crease until I was happy with the look.

For my lower lash line, I used a small tapered brush and went in with #4, applying this all the way along. To blend this out, I used #2 and #5 mixed together. I then used my W7 kohl black eyeliner and applied this to my tight line and waterline. I always use an eyeshadow to set this and this time I used #4. I literally just use a small eyeshadow brush and pat the shadow directly onto the eyeliner. This just helps it last longer throughout the day.

To finish off the eyes, I applied my wing liner. As with every look I use liner with, you can always leave this out if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it. I’ve just become so use to seeing myself with it on that I feel naked without it! I then applied my Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara to complete the look.


Please excuse the mascara I managed to get on my eyelid. I am literally the WORST at noticing when it’s too late! I really enjoyed creating this look as I said before, it’s something quite different than my usual go-to. Also, if anyone has any tips/products to help with growing eyelashes then I would love to hear them! My lashes are so small and I’m starting to really dislike them without lashes, and I can’t be bothered to apply lashes every day (laziness at its best).

matte 3

As for the MUA palette, I really enjoyed using it! I’m going to play around with it a bit more and I will have a full review up as soon as I feel I can give one. For first impressions though, I’m impressed so far.

(PS- I always forget to put something on my lips!)

Thank you so much for reading!




4 thoughts on “Matte Brown Smoky Eye | MUA Burning Embers Palette

    1. Thank you! I find these sort of looks quite easy to wear throughout the day as well as the night too😊 and I’m a nightmare for it! Have no control haha xx

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