MUA Burning Embers Palette | Review & Swatches

Hey! So, if you’ve seen a few of my latests posts, you would’ve seen me use the Makeup Academy Burning Embers palette. I don’t think this has been out too long because it took me ages to get my hands on it. Literally, every time I tried, it would be sold out. But, as soon as I saw it was in stock again on Superdrug, I was quick to order.

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Starting with the packaging as always, and this one is pretty basic. It is plastic packaging with a clear panel to view the actual shadows with a sleek black boarder, followed by the brand. To be honest, the packaging isn’t that bad. If you were going to travel with it, I’d definitely recommend making sure it is secure so that it won’t break but for £8, I can’t really complain.

The palette contains 25 eyeshadows, mixing a range of ‘matte and pearl shades’.  The pan sizes themselves are smaller than your average Makeup Geek and Mac pans but there’s still plenty of product to be used. The palette claims:

A shade catalogue that includes natural, pretty, earthy tones that are universally flattering. Combining a mixture of matte and pearl shades each have been designed to wear alone or layered for a multi-tonal look. The 25 pigments have been created to harmonise and compliment each other, perfect for creating dimension, depth and ultimate impact.

To be honest, I agree with what the palette claims. The palette does contain a wide variety of shadows, perfect if you’re a more warm-toned and neutral eyeshadow lover. As for the shadows themselves, they are absolutely gorgeous in quality. They blend so so easily, perfect for beginners.

burning embers 3burning embers 4burning embers 5burning embers 8burning embers 6

The names correlate with the swatch above them in all photos, e.g. Fume is the first brown shadow swatched in the last photo (I hope that makes sense). As you can see, these shadows swatch just as well as they apply on the eyes. I didn’t even realise that the shadows even had names until today. Sorry about my last two posts where I used numbers rather than names!

The lighter shadows such as Match, Light and Beacon obviously don’t show up that well on my skin tone as they basically match it. I use these shadows for setting my primer. As with most of my palettes, the shimmer shadows are a bit more pigmented but honestly, not that much for it to be a con. Both the matte and ‘pearl’ shadows apply and blend to create eyeshadow looks just as easy as each other.

burning embers 2

Honestly, I cannot rave about this palette enough. It’s only £8! For a price like that, and for the amount of shadows you actually get, I was expecting average to bad quality, boy was I wrong. I love this palette so much that I’ve even ordered the other in the collection, the brighter palette of the two. In all honestly, I think these shadows are better than my Mac ones and the single pans retail at £10 each!

I’m not sure if this is available in any Superdrug stores, they definitely aren’t in the ones I’ve been into. If you’re after this palette (which you should be!), then I ordered mine from the Superdrug website.

What are your thoughts on the palette?

Thank you so much for reading!





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