My Favourite Brushes | Eyeshadow

Hey! So, I’m finally getting round to writing a post about my favourite eyeshadow brushes, at last! Every time I do a makeup post, I always forget to include which specific brushes I use so I thought I would combine it into one post. I often stick with using the same brushes as I know they work well for me. I hope you enjoy!


This is how I store my eyeshadow brushes. I found a pot from my kitchen cupboard downstairs, gave it a clean and there it was ready. Oh, and that’s George the Giraffe in the background. I like storing my brushes like this as it makes it so easy for me to literally pick them out the pot when I’m using them. Storing them in something like this also helps to keep their shape.

brush 1

These are my absolute favourites out the ones I own. I have a mixture of brushes but the main ones I use are Zoeva. I’ve only been doing my eyeshadow for about a year and a half and at first, I began by using the real techniques eyeshadow set. However, the more and more I got into doing my eyeshadow, the more I realised that I need more brushes. I’ve always heard amazing things about the Zoeva brushes so when I received some money for my 18th Birthday, I decided to treat myself to the rose gold set.

brush 2

Flat brush. (Please note, I am no expert in names or anything, I just call them what they look like if they don’t have a name already). I believe I got this out of a palette but I can’t remember for the life of me which palette it was. This brush is the one I use whenever I’m using concealer to carve out my crease. Because of its flat shape, it is so easy to be precise with this. And the fact it came from an eyeshadow palette is even better!

brush 3

Zoeva 142/ Concealer Brush. I don’t use this brush for my concealer, I actually use it to set my eyeshadow after I’ve primed my eyelids. Because the brush itself is so dense, it is perfect for packing on that setting powder, making it so much easier to blend out any shadow after it. I actually use my Real Techniques Blending Sponge (or whatever it’s called) for my concealer!

brush 4

Zoeva 231/ Luxe Petit Crease Brush. This brush is perfect for applying shadow to the outer third of the eyelid. Its tapered shape makes it so easy to pack colour on, ready for blending with another brush.

brush 5

Zoeva 221/ Luxe Soft Crease Brush. As the name may suggest, I use this for buffing in shadows into my crease. It is such a fluffy brush making it so easy to use. You really don’t have to put in a lot of effort when using this brush.

brush 6

Zoeva 228/ Luxe Crease Brush. This brush, again, I use for applying shadows into my crease. This one is a slightly bigger/fluffier than the 221 so I tend to use this one first when applying my initial crease shadow, and then to add definition, I’ll switch to the 221. After I’ve used this brush, I tend to keep it to one side so I always having something to go over and blend shadows together with.

brush 7

Zoeva 230/ Luxe Pencil Brush. This brush is basically a smaller version of the 231. I use this brush whenever I’m doing a halo look, so adding darker eyeshadow into the inner corner of my eye, or for when I’m doing cut creases, where I’ll use this brush to slightly define the cut crease itself.

brush 8brush 9

Real Techniques Accent Brush & Zoeva 238/ Luxe Precise Shader Brush. These two brushes are basically the same thing just by different brands, but I still use both for different but also the same reasons. I use both brushes for adding shadow to my bottom lash line whenever I need to ‘smoke out’ a look, however, I use the Real Techniques brush for the darker shadows, so the shadows that run primarily across your lower lash line, and then the Zoeva 238 to add the lighter shadows. I also use the 238 for my inner corner and brow bone highlight. By using both brushes to do essentially the same job, I’m able to separate the dark shadows and light shadows to different brushes, ensuring that they don’t mix.

brush 10

Tarte Fluffy Brush. This brush doesn’t have a specific name but it came with my Tarteist Pro palette. I use this brush after each step of my eyeshadow, constantly blending again after each step just to ensure the eyeshadow blends seamlessly. It is so fluffy that eyeshadow blends really easily when using this brush.

That’s it for my favourite brushes! These are literally the brushes I use almost every time I do an eyeshadow look without failure. The Zoeva brush set is the Zoeva Rose Golden Vol.2 Complete Eye Brush Set and I bought mine from Beauty Bay for £65. It may seem a lot for some brushes but you are getting 12 brushes that are amazing quality which would cost you a lot more if you bought them separately. I’d honestly recommend these because they have every brush you need for creating eyeshadow looks. Other than that, the Real Techniques brushes are also pretty good for the price, I just wish they would bring out more of a range!

What are your favourite eyeshadow brushes?

Thank you so much for reading!



6 thoughts on “My Favourite Brushes | Eyeshadow

  1. I have only just begun really getting into eyeshadow, I just used to have a flicked eyeliner & some mascara. However lately I’ve been getting into eyeshadow more & actually bought my first palette woot woot ( I used my sisters before haha) I originally started with the Real techniques eyes set as well & Now I’m looking to expand my brush collection so reading this post was great to get an idea of which ones to get! xx

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