Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighter | Review & Swatches

Hey! So, for today’s post, I’m going to be doing a review on the new Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Highlighters in Ice Kiss and Peach Kiss. I’ve been playing around with these on a daily basis ever since I bought them and so I thought why not do a full review now? Enjoy!


Starting with the boxes themselves, I love how they’ve designed the packaging. The fact that they’ve changed the colour of the box makes it so easier for the lazy makeup lovers (AKA me) so I can easily pick them out of my drawer, depending on which one I want.

This, however, does not translate to the packaging of the product itself.

ice kiss 2

I usually get rid of the boxes of my makeup as they’re way too bulky to keep in my tiny bedroom. I’m having to keep these ones just so I can pick the one I want when I’m in a rush. I know this isn’t a major con, but I have found it to be quite annoying. I do, however, LOVE the rose gold packaging Makeup Revolution have chosen to use. They’re really keeping up with the trends and what people are after. The only annoying thing is the finger prints!

ice kiss 3

As for the product itself, the pan size is MASSIVE. They are honestly the biggest pans for a product I think I own. Obviously, I’m not complaining. £5 for a massive pan? Fine by me! Even the design of the product is stunning, makes the highlighters look far more expensive then they actually are.

ice kiss 5ice kiss 6ice kiss 7

Starting with Ice Kiss, this is my favourite out of the two I own. This is so perfect if you have pale skin like myself. This is nothing like the Mary Lou-Manizer as that is a more champagne toned highlight, but this one, as the name suggests, is a more ice-white highlight. It is definitely an intense highlight, not one I would wear for work or something but if you’re into that then definitely go for it! This sort of highlight I would wear on a night out. If you use a very light hand, this highlighter can look like a beautiful glow to the skin, but I’ve found it to be quite hard not to go overboard.

ice kiss 4ice kiss 9ice kiss 8

Moving onto Peach Kiss, this is an absolutely gorgeous pinky toned highlight, but is unfortunately too dark for my skin. I can’t use this by itself as it leaves a too obvious line of product across my cheeks, but if I mix it in with another highlighter and use a light hand, I can just about make it work. I think this highlighter would be stunning on darker skin tones than my own. I’ve also been mixing this with my blusher for the days where I want more of a glow to the skin, but only adding a light touch, as per. It also makes a lovely eyeshadow colour!

Overall, I don’t think you can go wrong with these highlighters. Even though Peach Kiss is too dark for me, I will continue to find uses for it like I’ve said before. For £5, you’re getting 14g of product compared to the 7-8g of product in my other highlighters, which is amazing value for money. There is also Golden Kiss Highlighter and Bronze Kiss Cream Bronzer in the collection which I will eventually try out for myself too.

What are your thoughts on the products?

Thank you so much for reading!




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