Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Face Palette | Review & Swatches

Hey! So, for today’s post I thought I would do a review on the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Face palette in 20 “Light”. I’m not usually the type to go for high end face products as I’m quite happy with my drugstore alternatives, but I saw this in TK Maxx for £10 or so and I couldn’t not get it especially as it’s still sold in Debenhams for £31!


mufe 2

I took these photos when it was brand new, I can assure you, it doesn’t look this neat now! I’m not usually one for cream contouring/cream face products but recently I’ve been really loving how they look. I find them to give a much more natural look compared to powder products.

Starting with packaging, I’m not a fan of it at all. When I first had a feel of it, I couldn’t believe how cheap it felt. I’m scared to take this travelling with me as I don’t feel like it would survive any sudden bangs and whatnot.

This little palette comes with a concealer, contour, highlight and blush pan, each containing 2.5g worth of product. I’ve found the products to be quite thick in consistency, but I actually really like that. I’ve found the thicker consistency actually blends out really nicely with a damp beauty blender so I’m not complaining.

mufe 3

Starting with the concealer, it’s actually not labelled as concealer in the product itself. Makeup Forever have actually called it the “Highlight”, which I do agree with. It’s not a concealer for coverage at all but it definitely brightens and highlights. Being as pale as I am, I find it incredibly difficult to find a concealer that actually doubles up as a highlighting concealer. I love my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but it matches my pale skin perfectly so doesn’t do much for brightening! This is where I have been using this little pan. I apply my Collection concealer as normal, and then apply this MUFE one on top. They make such a nice duo and there’s no cakey-ness!

Moving onto the contour, this is my perfect contour shade. It is such a nice ashy-brown shade which makes for a perfect “shadow” effect when blending in. I’m yet to find a cream contour that compares to this!

mufe 5

What I call the highlight, is actually labelled the ‘Shimmer’ (basically a highlight). This makes for a gorgeous champagne toned cream highlight and it works perfectly with The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer layered on top.

As for the blush, I’ve only used this a couple of times as I’m not really into my cream blushers. The colour is a gorgeous muted pinky tone but if you use too much then it is easy to look overpowering. I still need to play with this to get a proper opinion.

mufe 6

If you’re pale, like me, then I would definitely recommend giving this a go if you’re in the market. One thing I have noticed is that I have to work quick with these otherwise they can be quite tough when it comes to blending them out. Not so great if you’re in a rush!

As I said before, these are available in Debenhams and they are available in different shades for different skin tones.

That’s it for this little review! What’s your thoughts on the product?





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