I Heart Makeup Unicorn Love Palette | Review & Swatches

Hey! So, for today’s post, I was originally going to do a testing post where I tested this palette on the eyes and gave you a review that way, but I changed my mind. Apparently, I’m having some block when it comes to new makeup ideas and I felt that the look I created was so similar to so many others I had already done so I felt like I didn’t want to review this palette that way. I’ve stuck with my usual review & swatch posts but at least I now have an idea on a makeup look to do for another post!

unicorn loveunicorn love 2

As you can tell from the title, today’s post is on the I Heart Makeup, a sister brand to Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup, new Unicorn Love palette. This palette has been out for a couple of weeks now though but this is the first time I’ve gotten round to playing with it.

Starting with the packaging, I personally hate it. The outer packaging of the palette has this pink fluffy-like cover with a jewel effect pink heart in the middle. I think it just makes the palette look so cheap and tacky, especially when paired with my other palettes. Just like other I Heart Makeup palettes, this one is just made out of a simple plastic with a huge mirror on the inside.

The colour range within the palette, I feel, would appeal to most people. It is essentially just another palette with the essential everyday shades, however this one does have the odd pop of colour and other shadows have hints of purple running throughout them.

unicorn love 3This is the first row of the palette and as you can see, this row is just your essentials for a neutral smoky eye look. Unicorn is a perfect highlighting white matte shadow and Pure is perfect for setting your primer.

As with the other I Heart Makeup palettes I’ve tried, the shimmers are always amazingly pigmented, without a doubt some of the best shimmer shadows I’ve ever tried. The mattes are also amazing, just not as good as the shimmers.

unicorn love 4This is my favourite row of the palette. The purple-y toned shadows throughout this row literally speak to me and I can’t wait to create a look based around these. I don’t have anything in my collection like this little row of gorgeous purple-toned shadows so this will definitely be a staple.

unicorn love 5

This is the last row of the palette. Again, a pretty neutral row with the exception of the stunning blue shadow, Icon. I definitely need to try and include that in a look soon because it is absolutely stunning.

As you can see from the swatches above, the shimmers literally are everything I’d ask for in a eyeshadow and for £7.99, you literally can’t go wrong. I definitely feel like swatching the whole palette has given me some ideas for eyeshadow looks so look out for those! I do think Makeup Revolution/Tam Beauty do have better palettes, colour wise anyway, but I still think this is a nice palette to have in your collection. I can’t wait to see what looks I can create with this, hopefully this “block” will go away soon!

What’s your opinion on the palette?

Thank you so much for reading!




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