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Hey! So, as you may have seen in my latest post, I’ve been having a lack of ideas when it comes to makeup, and it doesn’t seem to be shifting. Eyeshadow palettes are my absolute favourite things to buy when it comes to makeup, so I do have quite a few. All of them have been bought with my own money, or very kindly gifted for my birthday/Christmas. If there is a palette in this post that you would like to see a look from then please don’t hesitate to say in the comments! I love getting requests as they allow me to challenge myself but also gives me new ideas. Enjoy!

affordable 9affordable 10

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave. I fell in love with this palette when it first came out, but I honestly don’t find myself reaching for it anymore. I love the range of colours and you can create so many versatile looks with it. For £9.99, it is definitely worth giving it a go.

affordable 3affordable 4

TZ Cosmetix Twilight Eyeshadow. This palette is so different to anything I have in my collection. I believe this was around £5 but the pigmentation is AMAZING. When I first swatched this palette I was, quite literally, blown away by how good it is. The only downside to this palette is that I have to use another palette when I want to create a look as this doesn’t have my usual transition shadows, but that’s honestly not that big of a deal. Hands down, one of my favourite palettes for pigmentation in my collection.

affordable 2

MUA Burning Embers & Tropical Oceana palettes. I already have a full review on the Burning Embers palette that you can read here, but I will take every opportunity to rave about these palettes. The Burning Embers palette is stunning, and is what I use probably the most out of my entire eyeshadow collection, drugstore and high end. As for the Tropical Oceana palette, I honestly rate these shadows as high as my Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. The orange and pink shadows in this palette compliment each other beautifully, definitely perfect for summer.

affordable 5affordable 6

Makeup Revolution Iconic 3. This is basically a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette and, in my opinion, the pigmentation is just as good. I even sold on my Naked 3 palette to get some of my money back after comparing the two. If you’re after a budget friendly option, Makeup Revolution have done dupes of all the Naked palettes and I’m pretty sure they’re only £4!

affordableaffordable 1

I Heart Makeup Unicorn Love. This palette is pretty new to my collection and I’m still yet to start playing around with it fully. The colours are stunning so I’m hoping the shadows I haven’t had a chance to use yet translate just as well onto the eyelids as they did in the swatches in my recent review. The shadows I have used have been good so far so we shall see.

affordable 7affordable 8

Freedom Pro 32 Innocent Collection. I didn’t actually intend on buying this palette, but when I was doing a shop on TAM Beauty, I had the choice to either pay £2.99 (I think) for delivery, or spend an extra £4 for free delivery, so obviously I bought something else. This palette was on sale from £8 to £4 so I thought why not try this one? I’ve only used it a handful of times, and in all honesty, it’s not the best. The pigment isn’t really there on some of the shadows so you do have to work a bit harder which, in turn, takes longer to do.

That’s it for my currently drugstore/affordable eyeshadow palette collection! As I said before, if there’s any looks/full reviews you’d want to see then just let me know in the comments below as I’d love to hear them.

Thank you so much for reading!





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    1. I love them! And I’ve been wanting to try NYX eyeshadows but I’ve never got round to it, as for Wet N Wild, I’m not sure where in the UK we can get it☹️ I’ll have a play around with the TZ palette to see what I can create, thank you! ☺️ xx

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